A list of fascinating tips & facts about travelling in India.

  1. There will be no toilet paper in the bathroom at your guesthouse. For that matter there will be pretty much be no toilet paper in any restaurant bathroom or public toilet anywhere.
  2. Knowing #1 you will now try to remember to carry a little with you wherever you go.
  3. There will probably be no soap or paper towels either. So carry some hand sanitizer with you at all times.
  4. If you find a place that has any toilet paper, soap and/or paper towels don’t keep the secret to yourself. Please post the location and details on social media for other weary travelers.
  5. When you ask for toilet paper at your hotel you will be given a roll with approximately 1/4″ of paper left on it. You will think that is weird. A few weeks later you will see it being sold like this in stores.
  6. Your plane will not leave on time. On occasion it may not even leave on the correct day that it says on your ticket.
  7. To calculate the real amount of time that your bus or taxi ride will actually take multiply the stated time by 1.62587
  8. Nobody ever has any change but everybody expects you to have change.
  9. After a few weeks you will begin to tell everyone that you have no change and all of a sudden they will all have change.
  10. Everyone in India has an uncle who owns a shop.
  11. After a few weeks you’ll realize that the word “uncle” is one of the most misused words in India. So are the words “yes”, “no” and “no problem”.
  12. If you don’t get sick after eating at a restaurant you go back to that place the next day and eat there again.
  13. If you still don’t get sick please leave a review and recommendation on TripAdvisor for your fellow travellers.
  14. If you still don’t get sick you may try eating lettuce or fresh fruit there at some point. Now you may get sick. So don’t do that again.
  15. Your tuk-tuk driver will tell you it’s not possible to drive you to the temple for 120 rupees. After you turn and walk about 6 feet away from the tuk-tuk it will be possible. You may have to stop at his uncle’s shop though.
  16. There are open sewers in India. Now you begin to wonder if it was the lettuce at the restaurant that made you sick after all. You decide that’s it’s the Hydrogen Sulfite gases from the open sewers that made you sick and not the lettuce. With your new sense of empowerment and scientific data you go to a new restaurant without checking TripAdvisor and order a salad.
  17. You travel to Southern India because you believe things may be different there. After arriving you realize that the previous 16 facts are in effect here too. You’re feeling queasy, weak and tired. You clear your schedule and extend your stay to rest a bit. You find the #1 recommended restaurant on TripAdvisor in the area and you eat there every day. You start to feel better. One day you’re there for lunch and you need to use the bathroom. Your about to do your business and you realize there’s no paper. Or soap. Or hand towels. Anywhere.
  18. You realize that you forgot fact #1 on this sheet
  19. You remember you’re flying to Sri Lanka on Saturday. You start to feel better.
  20. You arrive in Sri Lanka and you get writers block and are unable to complete a blog post of any value for 5 days. You decide a list is in order instead.

One thought on “A list of fascinating tips & facts about travelling in India.

  1. Hi Friend, Just read your reasons for not going to India.
    What is worse, being in India or being in NH with below zero weather and snow every day.
    Your next blog should definitely, 16 reasons why you love India
    Hope to read this soon
    Best regards,

    Liked by 1 person

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