Orientation for Antara Bungalow, Penestanan, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia


Turning right when you’re leaving the bungalow you’ll go down a steep hill and back up a hill to an intersection with a taxi stand (small group of men relaxing on a platform under a roof) 

From this intersection:

Turn right to go to Warung Ting Ting. They have really good coffee and wifi and you can sit upstairs in an open area. Really nice. They also have food but we did not eat there. 

Go straight to Vespa Cafe. This is a cute place with good food and drink options. We went there a few times, had a great breakfast. They have music a few nights a week. Coffee drinks were good and so was the fresh coconut. Food is good. 

Turning left when you’re leaving the bungalow you’ll quickly come to a set of stairs descending, which lead to the main road. 

Go left at the top of the stairs to go to Intuitive Flow Yoga. It’s a 1 minute walk. Take a left out of the bungalow and a left at the top of the stairs. The place is great and all the instructors we had were awesome. It’s even a good place for beginners. We did Yoga almost every day here. Continue past Intuitive Flow Yoga and you’ll come to Yellow Flower Cafe. This place has great food and drinks. If you’re adventurous, continue past Yellow Flower Cafe find your way through the concrete paths, turning right, left, right, and go down a set of stairs to the main road and you’re right near the supermarket. 

Go right at the top of the stairs and make your way to Alchemy Cafe.

Go down the stairs to get a taxi. At the bottom of the stairs turn RIGHT to walk into Ubud, or turn LEFT walking toward the supermarket (Bintang)

Rent a scooter. 

If you have a motorcycle license and you know how to ride one you could consider renting a motorbike for a portion of your time in Ubud. It’s a great way to visit places outside of Ubud. It should cost you about $5 USD per day plus fuel. Fuel is sold everywhere on the side of the road, even in remote villages. Set “Vespa Cafe” as your starting point and use it as your ending point when returning back. 

Here are a couple places we really liked for motorbike trips. The ride along the way is really interesting and it will be a tiny bit cooler than Ubud, a welcome relief from the heat and humidity.

Sidemen. This is a really nice place only 1.25 hours by motorbike. It’s really not developed yet so there is a lot of natural beauty here. Plenty of great views of rice fields, mountains, jungle areas, etc. If you’re in the mood for something to eat we recommend Warung Cepik at Cepik Villa. It’s a really nice villa and good restaurant. If you have the time consider spending a night at the villa. 

Kintamani. This trip is also about 1.25 hours by motorbike. A great trip to see Mt. Batur, Danau Batur (the mountain’s crater lake), and more. Set your directions for Kintamani Coffee and enjoy your favorite hot or cold drink with an amazing view of the mountains and lake below. You can take a different route back to Ubud. 

Puru Luhur Batukaru. This is a really old temple complex with a small lake. The outdoor temple area is not that interesting, but the ride was great and it was the coolest place temperature-wise that we visited. Again, only about 1.25 hours by motorbike. 

Walking in the area. The whole area is full of many narrow concrete paths branching out in every direction. We explored a lot of them and found ourselves at various places, back on main roads, behind the supermarket, at a new cafe, or spa, or villa, or rice field. It’s a lot of fun, enjoy! Balinese people are really friendly and helpful, just ask someone if you get lost 🙂


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